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I am 21, Elizabeth is my name. I currently work and go to shcool. I am very open minded and it shows on this blog.

No one has the right to rape anyone.

Nobody for any reason whatsoever can excuse raping someone. The following list is a few things law enforcement, family and sometimes the victims/survivors themselves will say or think are excuses the rape or sexual assault. Or dismiss the trauma by saying these or things similar to these….

- “Well at least you had sex”
- “you were asking for it”
- ” you should be happy, no one likes fat girls”
- ” but he’s cute, I wish I’d had sex with him”
- ” What are you complaining about? You’ve had sex with tons of people, what’s one more?”
- ” you were flirting”
- ” you provoked him with that sexy clothing”

These types of statements do not help anyone but the rapist.
They place the blame on the person who did nothing wrong, places the blame on the victim.

Instead of telling people how not to get raped how about we teach people not to rape?

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